Dazarath - Bladefist

Name: Dazarath

Realm: Bladefist (EU server)

Guild: Betrayers (Level 25)

Faction: Horde

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid (Feral/Restauration)

Level: 70 Twink


Me, Dazarath.

How to contact me:

I do read my mailbox every time I recieve a mail. Otherwise if it is a C.O.D from an unknown I never open it. Just say you are seeking for help and where you are. If I am online then you can whisper me. Hope to hear from you!

When can I be contacted?

I can be contacted at about 17:00-22:00 (CET +1)

Additional information:

I have always wanted to help people on World of Warcraft since I needed a lot of help myself. I understand it may be hard to level up during the mid-levels. There were 4 people who helped me when I needed help myself and they said as long as I help others they will help me!