If you have entered this page, you are in luck! Here you can find the best characters on the wiki who are wanting to help you!

How do I use this page?

These characters will all have hyperlinks in them. If you are interested in asking for help from one of these characters just press the link (in red).

How do I know whether I can trust these characters?

The administrators will see how the characters are helping others. If the characters are very popular amongst others then we will add them into this page. If there are any reports against a character we will take it into account.


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  • Skirym (Aman'Thul)

I am interested in helping out and becoming one of the best, what do I do?

First of all know that only characters who have a page of their own will be able to become one of the best. If you want to create a page for your character, click here.

If you are really interested in becoming one of the best and cannot wait, contact us.