So, you want to add a character to this wiki? This is the right page for you.

What information do you need?Edit

  • Title including realm (Example: Help on Bladefist).
  • The character's name.
  • The character's guild (if in a guild).
  • The character's realm.
  • The character's faction.
  • Character's race.
  • The character's class.
  • The character's level.
  • How the character should be contacted (Example: Mailbox, whisper, etc.).
  • (Not needed) At what times the character can be contacted. This is best if the character is main.

Once this is done you can add some pictures , videos, slideshows and a gallery of your character.

Once this is all done you can add hyperlinks on words which link another person to an official World of Warcraft page.

Remember to add your character to the index!Edit

What should it look like?Edit

The page should look like this (under the line)


  • (necessary)

BOLD (Important)


*TITLE - Heading 2Edit

*CHARACTER NAME - Heading 3Edit

*CHARACTER REALM - Heading 3Edit

CHARACTER GUILD (Including guild level) - Heading 3Edit


CHARACTER RACE - Heading 3Edit

*CHARACTER CLASS - Heading 3Edit

*CHARACTER LEVEL - Heading 3Edit

*How to contact character - Heading 4

Normal text.

When character can be contacted - Heading 4

Normal text.

Additional information - Normal text

Normal text.

Insert photo of your character.